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Phone cases and Phone covers are one of the highly prioritized mobile phone accessories used to protect the display as well as the panel of the device. Our prime objective is to safeguard your phone by offering our best phone cases at the service.

Since Mobile phones are one of the most valuable devices to us, we ought to protect them from the sudden accidents or mishandling. In this era of digitalization where these phones are the storehouses for all our crucial information, it becomes mandatory and wise decision to invest in a unique and protective mobile phone case in order to protect the same from scratches and other damages.

With the variety of designer and stylish phone cases available, it becomes really difficult to choose the best phone case. For this all you need to do is browse through our collection of Cell phone cases based on the everyday usage and handling of the phone as well as the customization preferences. Make your phone ultra-stylish by customizing it with the custom phone cases available here. One can find here all kinds of protective covers that, varies from cheap phone cases to expensive designer phone cases.

There are numerous benefits of dressing up your phone with the best phone cases that we offer which in turn shapes your decision of what kind of phone cases and phone covers to choose. Below stated are few:

Phone Cases World offers your device:

Effective and Best Phone Protection:

Throughout the day your devices get exposed to various critical conditions posing a threat to its safety. Since it is one of the most valuable assets of yours, even a small scratch on it may bother you. Our quality phone cases offer protection to your devices from heat, dust, scratches, accidental drop down and more. This makes them the best phone cases ever!

Adding Style To Mobile Phone

With the growing advancements in technologies, the mobile phones have become delicate, sleek and stylish and thus demand a stylish protection too. For this reason we at phone cases world have come up with unique designs of phone cases to protect your favorite devices with some of the top phone covers. The designs of unique phone cases make your phone look more stylish keeping it phone differentiated from that of others.

Some of the exclusive designs that are also the trendsetters are: the funny phone cases, which seem to add a sense of humor to your style, clear phone cases to accentuate the slim, sleek and elegant design of your phone, glittery iPhone cases adding a sense of femininity and strength, wallet phone cases and wallet phone covers for holding cards and other valuables along with the phone, cute phone cases evoking childish accent in your phone, tough phone covers for shock absorbing phone protection, slim phone cases to keep it light-weighted, minimalist phone covers for exclusive and minimalist phone protection, bumper phone cases and bumper phone covers for effective screen protection, waterproof phone cases and much more.

Phone Cases To Fit Your Lifestyle

Phone Cases and Phone covers here are offered with a wide range for you to customize your phone to make them ultra stylish so as to perfectly match up with your lifestyle. You can accessorize your phone with our custom phone cases blended with impressive designs and strength adding brilliance to your phone.

For a complete 360 degree protection and storing other valuables you can opt for Wallet phone cases, against the damages, you may go for fashionable phone cases if you preferably use them as fashion statements.

As per your lifestyle, one can find a mobile case that is beneficial for every purpose! At Phone Cases World we offer you with variety of designer phone cases to meet your expectations offering both protection and style. Some of the designs offered here include: floral phone cases, wallet phone cases, custom phone cases, glow-in-the-dark phone cases, marble phone cases, mandala phone cases, trendy phone cases, wood phone cases, clear phone cases, cool phone cases, bling phone cases, cute phone cases, rhinestone phone cases, crystal phone cases, black phone cases, ballistic phone cases, girly phone cases, jeweled phone cases, constellation phone cases, magnetic phone cases, stylish phone cases, glitter phone cases, waterproof phone cases, cheap phone cases, personalized phone cases, phone covers, silicone phone cases, mobile covers, flip phone cases, cell phone covers, custom phone cases, best phone cases, galaxy phone cases, android phone cases, Samsung phone cases, iPhone cases, zodiac phone cases, affordable phone cases, and more.

Phone Cases For Economic Protection

At Phone Cases World we offer your phones with economic protection as we have collection of phone cases right from cheap phone cases to the expensive designer phone cases preventing your phone both from physical and environmental damages. Since we offer phone cases in variety of colors, you can buy more and flaunt with it everyday in a new look of your phone making a perfect style statement.

Quality Phone Cases:

The Phone case here, at Phone Cases World is made up of flexible & shock resistant materials that include polycarbonate, soft silicone, polyurethane plastics, leather and more. Phone cases available here are extremely slim and the precisely cut sections for easy access of buttons and ports.

Our phone cases and covers are featured with sports or cartoon characters, solid colorful phone cases such as pink phone cover, blue phone cover, black phone cases and more. Browse through our collection of various types of phone cases and chose the best one for yours.

Benefits of having a Phone Case:

There are multiple benefits to users of having a phone case at this time. However, the most important of those are stated below as follows : Aesthetic appeal, Durability, Heat and dust resistant, Protects and allows complete access to buttons and ports, Protective, Tactile and anti-slip, Tight fitting.

Aesthetic appeal:

Phone Cases World offers the most pleasing designs of phone cases and phone covers that give a wide range of benefits to each customer. If you are actually conscious about the unique appearance of your phone, then you may use the exclusive design of the phone case or covers offered here at Phone Cases World. You will get much more than the expected style i.e. from the latest designer phone cases to the simple and unique phone cases to enhance the look of your precious phone.


The durability of the cell phone hardware depends on various factors and once you decide to increase your phone’s durability, you should prefer and buy a protective phone case. The Silicone Phone cases, Leather phone cases and more are quite durable, soft and easy to handle offering a long-time protection to your phone’s hardware.

Heat and dust resistant:

People working in extremely hot temperatures need phone cases with low thermo conductivity and thermos table elements. The phone cases with such properties can be used during hot climates and sunny days. The overall dust surface can be further reduced by proper usage of the phone cases.

Protects and allows the complete access to buttons and ports:

The Smartphone users today seek protection of the touchscreen as their priority. For this they can make use of Phone Cases World-the most reliable brand of the phone cases that has been designed in a way so as to provide effective screen protection and the precisely cut sections allow easy access to the buttons and ports. Our phone cases and covers not only protect the front and back portions, but also the screen of the phone.


When you own an expensive mobile phone you are concerned about how to protect it as you may drop your phone in over excitement or you might prefer to seek protection from accidental damages. For this you can make use of our unique phone cases with shock resistance feature incorporated into it to provide protection against drop and other such impacts.

Tactile and anti-slip

The phone cases and phone covers here at Phone Cases World are all durable, pleasant to handle and soft in touch that provides the users with a suitable phone case, a comfortable grip to overcome the slippery nature of your device. This is because of the anti-slip elements of silicone embedded into silicone phone covers.

Tight fitting:

The malleable and flexible property of the phone cases allows its tight fitting over your mobile phones. Thus making it worth buying. An easy way to put on and remove the phone case nowadays gives an array of benefits to every user.

Phone cases and phone covers here at Phone Cases World are designed exclusively and thus are highly recommended for specific phone models that include: iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 5s cases, iPhone 6 cases, iPhone 6s cases, iPhone 6s Plus cases, iPhone SE cases, iPhone 7 cases, iPhone 7 Plus cases, iPhone 8 cases, iPhone 8 Plus cases, iPhone X cases, Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone cases, Samsung galaxy A6 phone cases, Samsung Galaxy A6 plus phone cases, Samsung Galaxy A8 phone cases, Samsung Galaxy A8 plus phone cases, Samsung galaxy S8 phone cases, Samsung galaxy S8 plus phone cases, Samsung Galaxy S8 note phone cases, Samsung galaxy S9 phone cases, LG Q6 phone cases, LG Q6 Plus Phone Cases, LG V20 phone cases, LG V30 Plus phone cases, LG G4 phone cases, LG G5 phone cases and more.

Different Types of Phone Cases:

Majority of the mobile phone accessories or better say mobile cases and covers are merely used as a fashion statement making it an ideal statement for all those who show interest in customizing their smartphones or mobile phones using the best phone cases and also these phone covers make the best of the gifts due to easy customization offered. Such phone cases are the blend of both protection and style.

Unlike these there are certain phone cases that have been intentionally designed with greater percentage of protective functionalities that offer your device with a complete 360º protection. This emphasizes on the need to choose a shock absorbing phone cases to protect your device from a drop down, shocks etc. and waterproof phone cases and covers to protect the same from moisture damage. These waterproof and shock absorbing cases comparatively make your phone bulkier and slightly larger but it is important for us to be realistic about choosing the phone cases whether the requisite compromises made are worth. In addition to these types there comes the mobile cases and covers for perseverance of your mobile phones made up of various popular materials that include: wood, plastic, metal, leather and fiber.

Based on the aforementioned ways the phone cases can be categorized as stated below:

  • On the basis of designs offered
  • On the basis of the functionalities
  • On the basis of the material used

Types of Phone cases based on the designs offered are of the following types:

Floral phone cases:

Floral phone cases at range from an assortment of colors and flowers that offer choices from to accessorize your devices. Our top designers who expertise in printed textile design work effortlessly to provide you with intense floral imagery and vibrant hues on the cell phone cases and cell phone covers. These adorable floral mobile covers and floral mobile cases make a perfect gift to your beloved once on any occasion or are simply unique floral phone cases for your valuable smartphone.

The shock absorbing and waterproof floral phone cases inspired by flora and fauna give an aesthetic appeal that allows enjoying the ravishing beauty of nature in various shades, forms, vibrant and unexpected colors. These floral phone covers are the perfect idea to personalize and protect your phone in style.

Marble phone cases:

Marble phone cases- the ongoing trends in mobile covers with classic elegance!

Inspiring, exciting and affordable marble phone covers enhance your phone’s sophisticated style. These protective yet cheap, marble phone cases showcase the texture of a marble piece on a mobile phone cover. Since fashion in itself is dynamic, therefore it becomes really difficult to make choices from the variety of available cases. The marble phone cases here at Phone Cases World are not only incorporated with protective functionalities but also with a stylish appearance.

The marble print phone covers here are available from the mesmerizing black to the simple white including pretty marble cell phone cases, Low cost marble cases, tough marble cases, minimalist marble phone cases, bumper marble phone covers, slim marble phone cases, waterproof marble phone covers, custom phone cases, durable marble phone cases, shock absorbing marble mobile covers, minimalist marble cell phone cover, bumper marble phone cover, glitter marble phone cover and more.

Thus you can choose from the variety of options available at Phone Cases World to embrace your phone with protection in style using these mobile covers and cases available in the variety of colors.

Mandala Phone cases:

Mandala phone covers and cases transform your phone’s look, which sets them aside from that of others. These hybrid mandala phone cases engraved with some specific shapes and expressive designs are extremely alluring and receive huge compliments. Mandala phone covers at phone cases world are awesome to the core and express the real beauty of floral essence in vibrant designs and clashing colors.

The Mandala cell phone covers here at Phone Cases World is made up of flexible, high quality, durable as well as environment-friendly TPU- polyurethane material, leather or silicone. Mandala phone cases designs include free spirit design, watercolor mandala design, and geometric mandala designs.

Glow in the Dark Phone cases:

Glow in the dark phone cases and covers stand out among the various available designs of the cell phone cases. These amazing and affordable mobile phone covers possess the ability to create the situations like the night-sky giving the feel of those scintillating stars. These Glow in the dark phone covers are magical and stunning than ever! The exquisite tailoring, exclusive design and the wonderful function altogether into one case here revitalize your shopping experience.

These affordable glow in the dark mobile phone cases incorporated with luminosity along with protective features are a great addition to our collection of unique cell phone covers. They glow for at least 12 hours after being exposed to any source of light.

Rhinestone Phone Case:

Rhinestone phone cases add a glamorous touch to your device. Possessing the rough arrangements of rhinestones these into a specific design, shape or pattern these affordable cell phone covers dazzle up your phone and are encased with femininity and superior strength. Rhinestone mobile covers are the stunning and beautiful fashion accessories for your mobile phones that encrust your most treasured accessory in a way that upgrades your personal profile.

Inspired by the graceful elegance and endless luxury these Rhinestone Phone Cases are the extension of your personality that makes you stand out in the crowd. We at Phone Cases world offer extremely glamorous, exquisite and girly designs in the rhinestone cell phone cases that necessarily insist on your phone’s makeover. We work on creative designs including the crafting patterns that depict your most favorite arrangements inspired by certain visuals, character, object or scene to provide the best rhinestone phone covers.

Explore our collection of the luxurious Rhinestone Phone Cases available in various exciting colors and designs at

Bling Phone Cases:

Bling Phone Cases are usually known to be shiny, dazzling and expensive in appearance. In general, the Bling Phone Covers are those possessing the decorations of sparkle, crystals, stones, and other decorative items that offer these Bling cell phone cases with modern opulence and the fresh contemporary silhouettes. These unique bling mobile phone cases with the most innovative designs allow you to flaunt your personal style.

Enhancing your personal style these bling phone cases change the way you conversate! These exclusive mobile phone covers impart a premium look and feel to your device and available in various designs and colors that may include: pink bling phone covers, black bling phone cases, blue bling cell phone cases and more. The affordable bling phone cases here at Phone Cases World are designed with the highest level of craftsmanship and thoughts.

These low cost or cheap bling phone cases are similar in functions but differ in their looks due to the variation in the arrangement of the decorative materials. These bling phone covers and cases add to your sophistication along with being a protective sheath to your phones! Check out for the most exciting designs and offers.

Constellation Phone Cases:

Inspired by the universe, these Constellation phone cases make a perfect fashion statement and are the best phone covers with a beautiful art piece. The constellation phone covers are favorite to all those who love to gaze at the stars. These unique constellation cell phone covers are featured with the universal bodies called stars in the shape of constellations giving it a unique, shiny and glamorous appearance at the back.

These affordable constellation phone cases are the result of our passion to offer you with something eternal in mobile phone covers. These constellation cell phone cases and covers are the everlasting trends in mobile phone accessories and are available in significant colors and designs that may include: pink constellation cell phone covers, black constellation mobile phone covers, blue constellation phone cases and more. The constellation phone covers here are available for all the popular phone models in various exciting colors and vibrant designs. Explore the wide collection of constellation mobile covers and cases at and grab one for yours!

Galaxy phone cases:

Galaxy phone cases are one of the overwhelming and stylish phone cases that are incorporated with the printing or designs of universal bodies such as the planets, sun, moon, stars and more. These galaxy cell phone cases reflect a unique peaceful design that encases your phone in a classic elegance. Possessing HD prints on the back these galaxy phone covers with matte finish are a perfect companion to your smartphones.

These galaxy phone cases however may sound to be very expensive but no Phone cases World exhibits low cost protection mobile covers and cases. Thus wide collections are available in protective yet cheap galaxy cell phone cases with wide variety of vibrant colors and exciting designs.

Glitter phone cases:

Glitter Phone Cases are the trendy way to inject fantasy to your device making fashion a bit more exciting. Our collection of glitter phone covers have effortlessly incorporated sparkles in the mobile case designs that appears to be unconventional and defiant making it an eye-catching piece. These glitter cell phone cases protect your device from drop down and scratches giving them a glamorous and glossy appearance.

The number of colors styles and patterns in glitter cell phone covers offer you to choose from affordable glitter phone covers suitable for every occasion. The glitter phone case has a variant known as liquid glitter phone cases. The liquid glitter mobile cases refer to the mobile cases, which is generally a sequin decorated plastic covering. The liquid glitter phone skin can be fun at times as shaking it makes the glitter explode that permeates around the case in a vicious motion.

Phone Cases World offers affordable liquid glitter phone cases in the variety of designs and colors for you to choose from.

Magnetic phone cases:

Magnetic phone cases & magnetic phone covers give your device the must have protection along with keeping you ahead of the latest fashion trends as it is significant part to the people who wish to have a standout style. The magnetic phone covers are considered to be the style icons that bring about a change in the phone’s look as well as your personal style. The magnetic mobile covers are incorporated with built in magnets that perfectly fit in your device with no risk of getting removed, hence providing them with the full protection and a firm grip. The magnetic mobile cases come in a variety of alluring colors and designs. Explore our collection and get one for yours.

Jeweled phone cases:

Jeweled phone cases have been seamlessly designed with a blend of endless luxury and unique protection features. Today looks like being one of the primary concern and protection being a necessity, this jeweled phone cover is something that fulfills both. These mobile phone covers possess a layout or arrangement of decorative items on their back that gives them a sparkling appearance. These girly phone cases add up to the dazzling appearance and classic femininity.

Phone Cases World allows you to choose from hundreds of such pretty and cute phone cases with playful illustrations and colorful instincts.

Crystal phone cases:

Crystal phone cases or Crystal phone covers as suggested by the name are the mobile phone covers embodied with the decoration/arrangement of crystals on the back embracing the epitome of femininity and classic elegance. The crystal phone covers are not only meant for the purpose of styling but also these fancy mobile covers are incorporated with adequate strength in order to protect your mobile phones from various physical damages. The crystals used in these phone covers are of multiple colors that bring in choices for cute crystal cell phone cases in the variety of colors and design.

Custom phone cases:

Custom Phone cases are the one designed as per your wish to match your style! Phone cases are one of the most important accessories but not those generic plain ones as mobile phone covers are more about a fashion statement now. At Phone Cases World we assist you in making your very own custom phone cases. These may include monogram phone cases, which involves the mobile cover printing of a monogram that you choose. You can go for custom mobile cases here for all the popular smartphone models like custom mobile cases for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG and more. The custom cases are more of the personalized phone cases featuring your very own designs, pictures, quotes, texts etc.

Cute phone cases:

Cute phone cases engulf a large category, as it may be associated with enormous kinds of designs and display. The cute phone covers are the one that attracts almost every age group. The cute phone cases may include cartoon character phone cases, quirky quotes phone cases, motivational quote phone cases, funny phone cases and more. To find more designs in cute phone cases explore our collection on

Transparent back cover or Gel Case:

Transparent back covers or Gel case is a perfect choice of protection by all those who wish to flaunt their phone’s actual look without transforming the same. These are also widely known as clear phone cases and are available for all the popular models like clear phone cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC and more.

Types of phone cases on the basis of functionalities:

Shock absorbing phone cases:

Shock absorbing phone cases are designed in a way, that it protects your phone from getting damaged while the accidental drop down, abrasions or scratches. These shock absorbing phone covers possess a raised surface on the bumper sides that offers effective protection to the screen. The shock absorbing mobile covers may include various types i.e. the flip phone cases, leather phone cases, wallet phone cases, rubberized phone cases and more.

Waterproof phone cases:

Waterproof phone cases or waterproof phone covers are specifically designed to protect your phone from moisture and water in case it meets any such instance.

Protective phone cases:

Protective phone cases are the one that has been designed to protect your phone from all kinds of physical destruction. The protective phone covers are made up of durable, shock resistant and water resistant material and aim at providing complete protection to the phones. The protective functionality is the most common feature of the phone cases.

Bumper phone cases:

Bumper phone cases are the one incorporated with bumper protection feature to protect the phone’s bumper from certain scratches or other damages. The bumper phone covers possess raised bumper sides that offer effective protection to the screen.

Mobile Phone Pouches and Sleeves:

Mobile Phone Pouches or Mobile Pouch covers are made up of softly lined leather material. These Mobile pouch cases offer 360º protection to the phones and are ideal to hold all phone models. These may however sound expensive to you but no, at you may find the cheap and affordable mobile pouch cases. The material used in making mobile phone pouches and sleeves here is both the genuine and the synthetic leather thus allowing you to choose as per your requirement. Most of the pouch cases can be used with belt as they are featured with a hook on the rear side.

Wallet phone cases:

Wallet Phone Cases-the combination of a wallet and a phone cover is attributed with a convenience factor that allows us to store our valuables in it along with the phone. Wallet phone covers at Phone Cases World are made up of both genuine leather and PU leather thus offering a range of affordable leather wallet phone cases. These wallet mobile phone covers promise a 360 degree protection to your devices and at the same time allow you to step out without an additional bag to hold your valuables as it has a wallet feature that is capable of holding your cards, ID, cash etc.

Our team at Phone Cases World designs the unique wallet phone cases that are a combination of classic style and luxury that epitomizes your elegance.

Wallet Phone Cases here are available at reasonable prices for all the popular phone models that include: iPhone wallet cases, wallet phone cases for Samsung Galaxy, wallet phone cases for One Plus and more.

Flip Phone Cases:

Flip Phone Cases or Flip phone covers aim at offering all-round protection to your phone. The Flip cover case can be categorized as a kind of wallet phone case due to its resemblance with the same. The affordable flip phone cover at is available in three different materials i.e. the flip phone cases are made up of genuine leather, PU leather or a canvas fabric. Flip mobile cover is known to be one of the most popular phone cases.

Types of Phone cases on the basis of material used

Plastic Phone Cases:

Plastic Phone Cases are one of the most common, inexpensive, durable and readily available mobile phone covers in the market. The two types of plastics used in making mobile covers are Polyurethane and Polycarbonate. These affordable and cheap phone cases add to the individual’s style and personality along with protecting your phone from bumps, shocks, dirt and other damages.

Carbon-fiber cell phone cases:

The carbon fiber cell phone cases are made up of carbon fibers strands weaved together that results in a material stronger than steel. These unique phone cases contribute to the sophisticated woven look and are light-weighted incorporated with the strength that offers great protection.

Wooden cell phone cases:

Wooden cell phone cases or wooden phone cases are the latest addition to the innovative designs offered in mobile phone cases and covers. These phone cases comprise of both the phone cases made of wood as well as the wooden textured phone cases and covers in some other material. The wooden mobile covers are made up of various types of woods that include: Bamboo phone cases, Rosewood phone cases and more.

Leather cell phone cases-

Leather phone cases or covers are made up of either genuine leather or synthetic TPU leather. These leather phone covers are the epitome of elegance!

Silicone Phone cases:

Silicone Phone Cases or Silicone Phone Covers are soft and flexible and thus are perfect to your device. These mobile covers provide perfect protection to your phone from bumps, shocks and more.

Metal cell phone cases:

Metal phone Cases or Metal phone covers have a great reputation as a phone case. In general aluminum or other alloy is used in manufacturing a metal mobile cover. The Metal Mobile phone covers offer a strong protection to your mobile phones. Phone heating gets reduced in metal phone cases as compared to others as it dissipates the heat quickly being a good conductor of heat.

Apart from this Phone Cases World offers variety of other mobile accessories that include: wireless chargers, pouch cases, watch band, ring holders, iPad cases, macbook covers, screen protectors and more.

Why Phone Cases World for Cell Phones Accessories?

Well, the answer to this is quite simple, it is because at Phone Cases World we cover, free shipping on all samsung phone cases and some other cell phone accessories, 30 days return policy, full refund, 24x7 email support as well as free shipping on Phone covers and Phone Cases. The orders placed are shipped within a day i.e. within 24 hours. Not only this but also we provide affordable Phone covers that offer low cost phone cases protection.

Phone Cases World believes in “quality” as well as offering the “innovative designs”. We make sure that you have the best online shopping experience ever both in terms of the quality of the product as well as services offered.

In this self-obsessed world where all of us are close enough to social media we allow you to create a great sense of humor with our unusual designs. Our funny, weird and designer phone cases seem to bring fun while you go for a mirror selfie and more. With regular advancements, Phone Cases World has kept itself updated with the dynamic lifestyle as dressing up your Mobile Phone with top Mobile Phone cases is all about creating a strong style statement!